Popcorn Hour A-200 Networked Media Tank Offers Middle Ground

Very clever of Popcorn Hour to delay the announcement of their A-200 Networked Media Tank until after CES. They must've known we'd be scraping the dirge off the bottom of the gadget barrel.

Following their cheap-as-chips Popbox streamer which was shown off last week, the A-200 is for the more serious viewers. It streams from not only computers, but also digital cameras, network storage and USB storage, plus websites such as Videocast, CBS and CNN. No Netflix support yet, like the Popbox had, nor Twitter and Facebook support - although an App Centre is mentioned.

Check out the specifications on the handy chart below, and if the A-200 is to your taste, pick it when pre-orders begin on January 18. The basic box costs $US179, but for an extra $US20 you can also get a Wi-Fi attachment. [Popcorn Hour via Electronista via Engadget]

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