Pandigital Photo Mail Frame Powered By AT&T's Goblins For Free-ish

Whether you love 'em, loathe 'em, or couldn't give a flying f—karoo, AT&T make waves. They've hooked up with Pandigital for an 8-inch LED photo frame that accepts emailed images directly to a dedicated addy. Not me, an email address.

The first 300 pics are for free, and after that it'll cost ya. You don't need Wi-Fi, and there's no service fee, but you do need to be in the US as the images are sent via the AT&T wireless network. Photo management is handled by Snapfish, and you can use the frame as a normal digital photo frame.

But the best thing about this invention? It's the perfect gift for old people you don't like. Send 'em horrible pr0n pictures and watch them – NO. My resolution for 2010 is to be nicer to everyone.

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