Palm Pixi Plus First Hands-On: Quality Colourful Cases, Quick Wi-Fi

The Pixi got even fewer upgrades than the Pre, if that's possible. The Pixi Plus now has Wi-Fi - which worked well when I tried it out - but the main draw to the Plus is the super-colourful cases.

They're TouchStone charging-compatible cases, which is a nice addition, but like the Pre Plus, it just means you'll have to spend extra on buying a TouchStone. The cases feel good, rubbery with perforations (on the solid colour versions, the printed ones are smooth), and have holes for the camera lens, headphone jack, speakers, right-side buttons and on/off button. They're swappable, so expect Palm to team up with more designers in future.

Otherwise, like with the Pre Plus, the upgrades are minor. It's running exclusively on Verizon in the US (which showed full bars for reception), and I managed to switch Wi-Fi connections easily - and quickly. The screen could be a little more responsive, but it's the same fault we found in the original Pixi. It's very much aimed at the youngsters now, with these cases - but actually, I really like them. Especially the Artists' Series editions, which will cost $US49 and charge wirelessly.

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