Orange Chief Confirms Apple Tablet With Built-In Webcam

"Oui." That's what Stéphane Richard - number two at France Telécom/Orange - answered to French journalist Jean Pierre Elkabbach on radio Europe 1, when asked about the imminent launch of the Apple tablet. He talked about its built-in webcam too:

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: According to the weekly Le Point, your partner Apple will launch a Tablet in a few days...

Stéphane Richard: Yes.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: ...with a webcam...

Stéphane Richard: Yes.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: ...would Orange users benefit from this?

Stéphane Richard: Sure! They are going to benefit from the web cam, they will be able to transmit image in real time. We are modernizing the visual phone, and it's going to be much better, with much higher resolution.

Jump to 6:15 to listen to it (in French):

Update: In an official statement, Orange has said that Stéphane Richard's words were "taken out of context" and that he didn't acknowledge the existence of the Apple tablet.

However, the translation above is exactly what he said, with all the context. There's no other mention to the Apple tablet before or after the above. So no, his words weren't taken out of context, and they are presented as is.

Back in 2007, Orange CEO Didier Lombard spilt the beans on their iPhone partnership with Apple ahead of the official announcement, prompting the rage of Steve Jobs and an "official" denial by the Orange PR machine.


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