Nyko Media Hub Slim Adds Two USB Ports, Memory Card Slot To PS3

Do you have more Rock Band drum kits than USB ports to plug them into on your PS3 Slim? Well, Nyko is here to double your USB capacity.

For $US20, the Media Hub Slim snaps onto the bottom of the PS3 and adds all the ports you need. In addition to USB, it's got an SD card/Memory Stick reader and a remote control for basic menu surfing. Look for it in April.


    Does this mean this unit works as an IR adaptor for Universal remotes ?

    If so how the hell do i get one. Its about time somone made something like this.

    Sony are pretty stupid. Lets see..... they released PlayTV which needs USB, they're going to have a plugin for their motion sensing rubish which will be USB, Singstar Wireless requires USB for the dongle, proper use of a universal remote needs a USB dongle, lots of game perhipherals require USB and they put 2 USB ports on their $600 console !!!!

    Lets face it everbody. Sony are no longer a technology company any more. They are a media company just trying to make you buy their crap movies, their"artists" music and games which they make money off.

      ohhhh andrew. If you were smart enough to have had one from the get-go, you would have half the trouble you have now. Because I have 4 ports :)
      Sounds to me like your playing all sorts of the wrong games anyway!

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