Nexus One's Lousy Customer Support Shows Google's Weakness

For a company that's invaded our lives as much (and as well) as Google, the one thing they've never had to do is provide customer support - until now. And Nexus One owners are paying the price.

Selling an actual product to actual consumers is a very new game for Google, and if the myriad messageboard complaints and now a New York Times piece are any indication, the company is making the kind of toddler missteps you'd expect. Google sells the Nexus One exclusively, but haven't set up a system of customer service that's anywhere near adequate for a product as buzzed-about as the Nexus One. There's no way to contact Google by phone, and email responses are reported to take several days for a response. That's a huge problem for Nexus One owners.

We like the Nexus One a lot - Jason even called it "the best Android phone" on the market - but if Google doesn't get their shit together and start providing the kind of service smartphone owners have come to expect, it'll prove a serious setback for not just Google but Android as a whole. We hope they work it out - they're working to reduce that several-day delay in email response to a few hours, but it better happen fast if they don't want people to lose confidence. [NYTimes]


    I had the same problem with their google apps. The apps cloud is amazing with email, docs, great collaboration but if you run into any problems its virtually impossible to get any realtime support. You wait around for donkeys years trying to get a response and then when you do they sometimes just send a stupid automated response! So frustrating!

    Apple's isn't that much better. They wouldnt provide me with any support over the phone, making me book an appointment with a "genius" who didn't help anyway.

    Google Apps service support is disgraceful, at least for the free service portion. It has long long long standing bugs for domain management with references all over the web that completely cripple the product, but if you try to find an email for support - well, they don't have one. They have a forum, but they rarely seem to reply, and when they do, it usually elicits a response of "it still doesn't work", followed by silence ...

    Hard to imagine why anyone takes Google seriously. I mean apart from the search engine, what's the point?

    Toddler's missteps my foot. Google has had years of dealing with customers, any anyone's who's not realised before today that their customer service/support is useless to non-existence has had their head in the sand.

    Google's chickens have come home to roost on this one, and they have only themselves to blame.

    @Marty Askew: I must disagree. I have no problems getting prompt and actionable support from Apple, my calls are answered within minutes, their technical phone staff have a serious clue, and they'll do as much as they can over the phone to help you before exploring in-person options.

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