Nexus One's Lousy Customer Support Shows Google's Weakness

For a company that's invaded our lives as much (and as well) as Google, the one thing they've never had to do is provide customer support - until now. And Nexus One owners are paying the price.

Selling an actual product to actual consumers is a very new game for Google, and if the myriad messageboard complaints and now a New York Times piece are any indication, the company is making the kind of toddler missteps you'd expect. Google sells the Nexus One exclusively, but haven't set up a system of customer service that's anywhere near adequate for a product as buzzed-about as the Nexus One. There's no way to contact Google by phone, and email responses are reported to take several days for a response. That's a huge problem for Nexus One owners.

We like the Nexus One a lot - Jason even called it "the best Android phone" on the market - but if Google doesn't get their shit together and start providing the kind of service smartphone owners have come to expect, it'll prove a serious setback for not just Google but Android as a whole. We hope they work it out - they're working to reduce that several-day delay in email response to a few hours, but it better happen fast if they don't want people to lose confidence. [NYTimes]

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