Nanotechnology Could Vastly Improve The Colour Of LED Lighting

I switched to LED lights on my Christmas tree this year and, while generally pleased, there is no doubt that the colours are a bit "off". A simple nanotech coating could change that by making colours brighter and warmer.

Nanosys is the company behind this new approach, and the process is fairly simple: a phospor material developed from nanomaterials is layered over standard blue LEDs (the most energy-efficient colour) to create a spectrum of colours that are warmer and more vivid. So, unlike other methods (quantum dots for example), Nanosys hasn't tried to reinvent the wheel. Manufacturers could simply apply the coating, without having to start over with a completely new product.

Furthermore, Nanosys' material could be utilised in a lot more than just light fixtures. Think about laptop and HDTV displays with better, brighter screens - all without increasing energy consumption. [Treehugger via DVICE]

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