Motorola's Rumoured Super-Thin Android Phone Sounds Spectacular

We had few complaints with the Droid, and the Sholes, Occiphobic as it may be, is lustable, without a doubt. But Motorola's alleged next phone, the .35-inch-thick, 1080p-capable Shadow/Mirage, makes Motorola's current Android lineup look old-fashioned.

All we've got for now is a crude rendering and a dubiously sourced Chinese leak, but given the recent spate of Snapdragon-powered Android phones, the specs are within the realm of plausibility: crammed into the slim body, there's a processor capable of decoding 1080p video, an 8-megapixel camera, and an HDMI port, masked by a 4.3-inch, 800x464 screen, as compared to the Droid's 3.7-inch display of the same resolution.

If true, this means that there's an Android phone that's at least as powerful as, and thinner than, Google's ├╝berbuzzed Nexus One sitting just over the horizon, which strikes yet another blow to the mythos of the be-all, end-all Android device. [Mobile1 via BGR]

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