Motorola Droid Parts Worth More Than iPhone 3GS Or Nexus One's

iSuppli has already revealed that the Nexus One parts cost $US174.15 and the iPhone 3GS $US178.96 (including manufacturing), but the Droid? Thanks to a recent teardown, we now know Motorola's more generous, with parts totalling $US179.11.

If you add in $US8.64 for manufacturing the Droid, the final cost is $US187.75. Breaking it down, the 16GB microSD card it comes with costs $US35, the LCD screen is $US17.75 and the extra sheet of material making the touchscreen a capacitive one is another $US17.50. If you've been tossing up whether to get a Nexus One, iPhone 3GS or Droid, I doubt the extra couple of dollars in value will sway you much, but it's very interesting to see just where Motorola's spending the money. [iSuppli]

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