LG Goes Retro With The Serie 1 CRT TV

On sale in Korea only (someone pass me the tissues, quick), this LG Serie 1 retro TV may not have 1080 lines of resolution or a contrast ratio to make your knees bend, but it's very cute, non?

The screen measures just 14 inches diagonally, in a 4:3 ratio, and as you've probably noticed, LG's used a ye olde CRT for the body - no flat panel 'round here. The antennae and chrome legs finish the retro styling off nicely, as does the glossy orange finish - though it's also available in brown, which would certainly give the M21 a run for its money.

Thankfully it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the similarly retro-styled Brionvega Doney, at 249,000 KRW, or about $240. Better get in touch with a Korean exporting firm. [LG via Retro To Go]

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