Let's Make Giz AU A Better Place For Everybody

Ah, 2010. It seems like only yesterday you were little more than a section in the calendar that I could only find if I continually scrolled through month after month during those depressing down times in gadget land. But you're here now, so it's time to try and take the time to see how we can make Gizmodo a better place for everyone in the community.

The first topic for discussion, naturally, is commenting. We've got some plans to make commenting a much better system from a technical standpoint this year, but in the meantime, I'm going to be a fair bit harsher when it comes to approving comments.

What we want is intelligent, logical commentary from intelligent, logical readers. So if you disagree with something in a post, you'll need to actually explain why you disagree in order for it to be published. I want to foster discussion, not mindless fanboy yabbering (on either side of any fanboy fence).

When commenting, try and use proper punctuation and spelling. Sure, typos happen, but unless you're being ironic, I never want to see text speak coming into play. No personal attacks, racism of any kind or off topic rants will make the cut either.

The second topic is tipping. Giz AU has a pretty good community of regular tipsters already, and they make my job much easier. So if you spot something out there on the world wide web (or even the real world) and you haven't seen it on Giz, send me a tip. The official tips email address is [email protected], but you can also tip us on Twitter at either twitter.com/giz_au or twitter.com/bruff.

The last topic for discussion is that I've tweaked up the Giz AU Wave format to try and make it a bit more useful. If you're using Wave, do a search for Gizmodo Australia with:public, and click on the Gizmodo Australia Wave Hub. Then click through to the most appropriate wave and go from there. If you're not using Wave, you should definitely try and give it a go, if only to tell us what you think of Giz AU...

Let's make 2010 a year to remember Gizmodians!

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