Kogan Releases Two LED Backlit LCDs, Available To Purchase Today

As a general rule, LED backlighting does a pretty good job of boosting an LCD's brightness and colour performance, as well as making the TV a bit thinner. So it's nice to see Kogan launching a couple of LED backlit LCDs in Australia, starting today.

There are two models available: the 26-inch model for $599 and the 32-incher for $799.

Neither set is 1080p, instead opting for the 1280 x 768 resolution we used to see when HD was first coming into fashion. For the screen sizes, that's not too big a deal though.

They both have 3 HDMI inputs though, and an integrated HD tuner. There's no indication on the Kogan website or in the press release what type of LED backlighting they're using, but considering the thinness of the displays, I'm assuming it's edge-lit. You can order the TVs today, but the Kogan website says they don't expect delivery until the middle of March.

Still, for that price, these TVs continue to do what I've always believed Kogan does best - provide a cheap, decent option for a bedroom or second TV.


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