iTrust iPhone App Catches Snooping Spouses In The Act

It doesn't really matter if you're a no-good, cheating scumbag or simply married to a paranoiac nutcase - either way, you probably don't want your partner scanning your every text message. The iTrust honeypot app can catch iPhone meddlers red-fingered.

iTrust takes a screenshot of your homescreen (which you can take by pressing Sleep+Home at any time) and sets it as a full-screen background. If someone tries to use your phone while it's running, they'll see what looks like a regular homescreen, but won't be able to do anything with it - it's a dead image, after all. Whatever they try to do, though, is saved in an excruciating, slo-mo simulated screen recording.

Intruders could obviously just hit the Home button to kill the app completely (not before trying to tap the screen a few times, though!) and the app doesn't let you recording snooping beyond generalised icon-mashing, but repeated attempts to open your call history are still a little hard to explain.

Granted, installing an app with the intention of outing your partner as paranoid could be construed as paranoid in and of itself, but don't lose focus: in relationships, distrust is an arms race. And today, sad friend, at least you're winning. $1.19. [iTrust]

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