Iogear's Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit Not Just For Soft Tops

Well, I'm guessing that. Anyway, solar power - woo! It's the future aspazzarently - is what you need when you're a doofus like me who's forgotten to charge her car kit. Er, hang on. I don't have a car.

So, what's IOGEAR's $US69.95 kit got? Well, there's a solar-powered Bluetooth speakerphone which you can mount either on the windshield or visor. There's multi-point connection, enabling you to switch between two phones. There's echo cancellation and noise reduction, a volume and mute button (surely all car kits have these as standard?), and a micro-USB cable and one of those adaptors you stick in the cigarette lighter. One charge will give you 11-13 hours' continuous talk time.

And if anyone dares tell me I'm just phoning in my work these days, I'll run you over.

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