iHome's iPhone App Knows How Often You Hit The Snooze Button

Let's put it out here: My sleeping habits suck. Eventually I'll improve them and maybe something like the iHome+Sleep iPhone app will help by keeping track of snoozing patterns and everything else that goes on during the night. Maybe.

The iHome+Sleep app is designed with iHome's future line of app-enhanced speaker docks in mind, but so far it seems pretty neat just on its own. It allows for multiple "sleep cards" to be set up with customisable alarms, gathers up news occurring while you dream, and keeps track of your pesky snooze button hitting habit.

Who knows whether all of this is truly useful. All I know is that I'm gonna give the app a shot over the next few days and see if I learn anything new about my sleeping patterns. After all, the app's free so there's nothing to lose. [App Store]

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