I Want To Lazily Do Naughty Things On The Glowing Belly Love Sofa

[Voice="Barry White"]When I first saw you, girl, I knew I had to make you mine. Now, I'm in the mood, baby. In the mood for...the Belly Love...Belly Love...oh yeah...I want to hold you...on that glowing light.

You know... that Belly Love... you know, girl. No, really, you know the one I mean, don't you? Yes, that sofa with the glowing tentacles that release a nice fragrance while moving, caressing your body. I heard they are inspired by the sarcophyton elegans, a soft coral found in the Indian Ocean. We saw it in Costeau, while you dozing and drooling in

And now, let's put the stereo in love mode, baby. I feel it here, glowing in my heart too, while I get with you... in the Belly Love.

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