I Bet This Catamaran Can Also Jump Into Hyperspace

I have seen really amazing ships here in Gizmodo, like the impressive kind-of-Nautlish Ghost ramming yacht, the weird transforming Ikkar, the luxurious perfect dream-aparment-that-is-really-a-boat and the classic schooner America. The Enso, however, is the first that looks from another planet...

I someone told me that the Enso Catamaran is really a secret version of Burt Rutan's Spaceshiptwo I wouldn't be surprised. The 43m Wingsailed Enso Catamaran, however, was designed by student Zack Stephanchick. Zack's real name is Grørrrkzyngy Aarkaantar, from the Vega 4 system. You are not tricking me Zack. I mean Grørrrkzyngy, you weird tentacle-nosed alien, you. [Coroflot Born Rich]

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