HP's Touch Tablet Could Come In An Android Flavour, Too

Sources tell TechCrunch that HP's new tablet - seen here in the proud grasp of one Steve Ballmer, with Windows - could come with Android, too. Is it wrong that I'm way, way more excited about that version? No. No it's not.

And HP tablet with Windows 7will probably be one of two things: a raw Windows 7 machine with Microsoft's limited touch-friendly optimisations, which would be terrible; or Windows 7 with some version of HP's TouchSmart interface - like the one they use in their AIO desktops and touch laptops - which has the potential to be equally terrible.

Windows 7 is designed for mice, keyboard and the occasional finger - Android is an OS designed for touchscreens, and the HP tablet is basically a giant touchscreen phone. Ballmer's mention aside, the Android version of this tablet - which is "almost identical in every respect to the one he showed off except for the OS," according to TC's source - could be the tablet that really matters here. [TechCrunch]


    Yes, it is wrong...very wrong.

    Windows 7 is fine to navigate via touch, and is a much more versatile platform for all the things you'd like to see on a tablet. Think of it as a powerful netbook without a keyboard.

    On the other hand, Android apps are designed for touch but they are nowhere near as diverse, nor are they designed to be used on a large high-res screen.

    Ohh, the choice...

    Depends on what you want to do with it. I can see the appeal for Windows and Android....might need multiple boot :P

    Also depends on how easy it is to get software onto it...

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