How Non-Latin Domain Names Could Be Used To Steal Your Money

Unicode is great because it supports multiple languages simultaneously, bringing international understanding, universal peace and planetary love. And so is ICANN's decision to allow domain names that use non-Latin alphabets. Until both combine to steal your credit card number.

Or your login name, passwords, address or whatever other data a phishing site can get from you. Until now, there is an easy way to test if a site is legit or not. You just look at the browser URL. If it's not or or, then it's not those companies' websites, no matter how well they clone their layout and graphics.

The problem will come in 2010. That's when sites' URLs would start appearing in cyrillic, and then there will be cases of mistaken identity unless someone comes up with rules soon. Just check the image above, in which the russian word "raural" becomes "paypal". Can you see what this is going to be bring? Yes, a big sports bag full of hurt. [Mashable]

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