How Many Times Have You Broken Your Phone Under Contract?

When thinking about the cost of a mobile phone, we consider the phone itself and any service plans, but what about the price of misuse? How often are we finding ourselves paying an unsubsidised price to replace phones under contract?

It's just so easy to damage a phone. It slips out of your hand and crashes to the ground, gets knocked into a sink, thrown into the wash, and abused in who-knows-what other ways. The lousy part is that when you need to replace your precious gadget in the midst of a 24-month year agreement, you're very likely to find yourself paying full retail price.

It's miserable, but it happens to even the best of us.

What we want though, is for you to 'fess up. Tell us how often you've been in this costly situation during your last two-year agreement and whether it's affected any of your buying decisions. [Thanks to Shooter for this QOTD idea!]

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