Hey Olympus: Bright Pink Cameras Don't Really Gel With The Idea Of 'Tough'

When you think tough, what comes to mind? Arnie in Terminator? Diamonds? James Bond? Pink Olympus cameras?

I'm guessing it's a no on that last one. Yet here we have Olympus releasing the Mju Tough 3000, the latest in their tough lineup. It pretty much has the same "tough" specs: waterproof to 3m, drop-proof to 1.5m and snowproof to -10C, but it also comes in a variety of colours. Including pink (also blue and red).

Inside is a 12MP camera, 1GB of inbuilt memory and a 3.6x optical zoom. There's dual image stabilisation, face detection, HDMI output and all the connections are behind a single door.

Another feature Olympus are pushing is the "magic filters" which offer digital effects like pinhole and fisheye, without having to change the lens.

The Tough 3000 will hit Aussie shelves in March, and no price has yet been set.

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