Happy Moments At CES

Through the photonic assault, I saw a patch of green in a booth. I walked up and touched it. The grass, it was real, and cool and fresh for the moment. I could not have smiled more broadly. Happy Moments...

...at CES are rare for attendees, in my experience. It's hard work and a monumental commercial achievement at the expense of sanity and sleep. But these moments of joy do exist.

Dell showed a 5-inch Android tablet. It's too small to be more useful than a smartphone, and can't be pocketed as easily, but for some reason, I found it sexy. And that one of the most mainstream makers of PCs made something so cool, well, I was impressed. I'm not sure I would buy one, but it made me happy.

I miss my dogs. They're being watched in Japan for the month by Lisa's parents, and I'm going back to pick them up in a week. They're black and brown, and these mascots also happen to be black and brown. I guess they reminded me of my pets without me realising it, and I decided to give them a hug. Cosy.

I made fun of 3D HDTV a lot. Then I tried it on a really good set with fast refresh rates, by Panasonic. I loved it and to me the difference between 2D and 3D is as profound as the difference between black and white and colour TV. I got excited at the thought of playing games and watching movies with lots of explosions and lush scenery (Planet Earth, HD!) with a third dimension.

Another great moment of happiness came when I felt we were hitting our stride, as a team, covering the show. No trailer, no booth, no place to set up and write in peace. But since we were all here, together, I was able to ask everyone how they were doing without typing it. It's nice to communicate without a keyboard, once in awhile.

We bought pizza for ourselves and since the lunches were cold, got some for our pals in the press room.

Seeing the Gizmodo junior team learn so much so fast has been inspiring. I got especially happy watching Don and Kyle nail their shorts and Rosa, well, Rosa found the best story of the show. And the veterans are just so good, they're always surprising me with astounding finds and speed of insightful writing.

I bumped into a lot of friends here, not only those I work at Gizmodo with. Chris Null, Sean Captain, Leander Kahney, Charlie White, Dylan Tweeney, Joe Brown, Steve Leckart, Danny Dumas, Ryan Block, Veronica Belmont and Pete Rojas, naming a few. And this is actually the first time I've worked side by side with Joel Johnson, who returned to Giz only last month.

In a few hours, this show will be largely done for us. Everyone who worked on the blog will have a nice dinner together. Then I'll go home. That will be my most happy moment.

*We noticed these people were having a good time at CES, too. If you look closely, most of them have to do with people interacting with each other, not the machinery.

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