Fox And Time Warner Reach Agreement

Fox And Time Warner Reach Agreement

Late last night, Time Warner Cable and Fox Networks Group reached an agreement on subscription fees, ending their very public stand off and guaranteeing Time Warner subscribers their American Idol, Glee and House in 2010.

The spat over carrier fees that had Time Warner threatening to drop Fox’s stations altogether has been resolved. The details of the agreement are as of yet unspecified, but let’s see if we can’t figure out whose ego seems more intact from these statements.

Chase Carey, deputy chairman and president and COO of News Corp, Fox’s parent company, said:

We’re pleased that, after months of negotiations, we were able to reach a fair agreement with Time Warner Cable — one that recognises the value of our programming.

Glenn Britt, top dog at Time Warner Cable, said:

We’re happy to have reached a reasonable deal with no disruption in programming for our customers.

Hmmm. I’m reading Carey’s claim that Time Warner finally recognised “the value of our programming” as finally “coughed up enough money to keep its customers from rioting”. [ABC News]