Electric Ferry Requires A Boatload Of Batteries

The Zero Emission Electric Propulsion Ship is a 30-metre, 800-person ferry that sucks no diesel. Instead, the boat operates from a huge bay of lithium-ion batteries, all while looking vaguely like it's going to kill you and your family.

Just how many batteries are we talking about? Between 200 and 300 times the amount you'd find in an electric car - all for a fuel capacity of only about 80km.

For now, what you see here is just a prototype. Manufacturers at IHI Marine United hope to commercialise the machine by 2015 with the hopes that battery prices will be more economical. [Fareastgizmos via technabob]



    That ship in that photo is most certainly not a prototype electric ferry. That's the Devil Cat from around the turn of the century when it used to run a high speed service from Victoria to Tasmania. Built by Incat in Tassie in 1997 I'm not sure what it has to do with IHI Marine United at all.

    Who would have thought that the best ferry photo someone could appropriate for a story would be a 13 year old ship painted up like an Australian native animal?

      I was wondering there "since when the hell is the Devil Cat battery powered?"

      That's hull 049 I believe, which was actually 1998, but anyway :P
      The fact that it's also a 91m Cat and not a "30m Ferry" is also slightly misleading?
      I personally don't think I'd like to see how crowded a 30m ferry with 800 people on board would be.

    Perhaps Mot IHI Marine are refitting it and that is indeed the ship?

      See comment above, they're saying a 30m Ferry. Hull 049 is 91m.

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to design a ship around hydrogen fuel cells as a power source rather than just 'load it up with batteries'?

    For an 80k range it'll take quite a while to recharge back to full, meaning more time wasted between trips. At least with a cell it's still similar to the current layout whereby you fill the ship with fuel, and it consumes this to generate power as needed.

    instead of comfy seats they get all 800 passengers to get on a cycle and ride to recharge them :)

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