EeePad To Be Unveiled This June, Will Cost $US500?

That ASUS EeePad we first heard about in December will be unveiled this June at Computex, if rumours reported by Digitimes are correct. In keeping with ASUS' Eee name, the tablet will be under $US500 in price. Another tablet?

Hey, if every man and his dog is working on a tablet now, then it figures ASUS wants in on the action, considering they redefined portable computing just a few years ago with the Eee PC.

The tablet will run on Nvidia's Tegra chip, and will be made by Pegatron Technology, an offshoot of ASUS. [Digitimes]


    I for one find the fact that every man and his dog is trying to produce a tablet device amusing.

    The reason people are waiting like starving dogs for the announcement of the Apple tablet is simple. Its something different (hopefully). We assume it will have app store/itunes intergration, some kind of built in ereader functionality and god only knows what else.

    All these Android/Win. 7/Custom Linux based OS tablets that are coming out ATM are basically nothing more than a screen you can touch that does exactly the same as a laptop or desktop but MINUS the convenience of a built in keyboard.

    I don't think people want that. People want something magical and revolutionary. Which is what we are all hoping Apples offering will be.

    If Apple do enter the game on the 27th and the resulting product DOES meet expectations, I think a lot of manufactures will find themselves producing tablets for a market that doesn't exist.

    If all a tablet does is the same thing as my laptop, I'll keep my beer token in my wallet.

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