Do You Have Enough Friends For D-Link's DIR-632 802.11n Router?

D-Link's giving your popularity the benefit of the doubt by offering eight Ethernet ports on their new DIR-632 802.11n router. If you're worried about all those open ports bumming you out, D-Link has three other new devices to check out.

If the DIR-632's eight ports seem like overkill, there's the D-Link Rush (DAP-1560), the Touch (DAP-865), and a new 802.11n pocket router that has no epithet.

The Rush is a secure, powerful access point designed to beef up your current home network for bandwidth intensive content, like HD movies. The Touch, as its name suggests, has a 3-inch touch screen for, you know, changing all those settings you change on your router. The pocket router can function as its own router or as an access point, extending an existing network.

The new routers will be available in the first half of 2010, and prices will be announced at launch. In the case of the DIR-632, that gives you just a few months to secure your LAN party RSVPs. [

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