DeLorme's PN-60w GPS Communicator Connects To SMS, Facebook

If you're out in the middle of the Yukon wilderness and really have to send a tweet about the moose you just killed and ate with your bare hands, Delorme's PN-60w GPS is just the device you need.

Leveraging the SPOT satellite communicator/messenger service to connect to internet services such as Twitter and Facebook, not to mention as SMS, you can maintain communications with the mainstream world even when you're literally in the middle of nowhere (and no network towers are to be seen). Going beyond a list of pre-written form messages, you can type custom message of your own to update the masses on your activities and whereabouts. The only problem? There's no keypad, keyboard or touchscreen on the thing.

There's also standard GPS features like mapping, a compass, emergency assistance and geocaching. As for availability, the PN-60w will be available in Q2 2010 for $US450 on its own and $US550 bundled with the SPOT communicator. In short, this thing is good if you're a man of the wild, not so good if you spend most your time hunting for machiattos. [Delorme]

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