Conroy's Internet Filter To Start 12 Months After It Hits Parliament

Reader Kane is vehemently opposed to Senator Conroy's proposed mandatory internet filter. So he sent the Minister a letter pointing out all the concerns he had over the government's plans. Senator Conroy wrote back, and aside from the usual shouting about CHILD PORN and TERRORISM, mentioned some interesting things, like the fact they plan on implementing legislative amendments to require the filter "12 months from the passage of legislation".

As Duncan Riley over at The Inquisitr (who has a copy of the same letter from the Senator) so rightly points out, this would mean that the filter would, at best, be implemented a mere couple of weeks before the next federal election, but most likely well and truly afterwards.

In other words, they don't think it so important to protect the kiddies that they can't wait a year to ensure they remain in office before they actually try and implement the internet. All class, this government.

You can download a PDF of the full letter here.

[Inquisitr – Thanks Kane!]

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