Completely, Utterly Unconfirmed: Apple iSlate Specs Revealed

Suspect "internal" Apple documents that look like I printed them off in Word have allegedly been leaked to reveal the "official specs" of a still unconfirmed Apple iSlate tablet device. Hold your nose and get ready to dive in:

The "specs" reveal that the device will have a 7.1-inch screen (dubious), complete with fingerprint-resistant coating (makes sense). Inside, a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB hard drive will power a built-in projector (!!!).

The OS is Mac OS X 10.7 Clouded Leopard, which sports a widget desktop and touch controls.

We now return you to reality. If anyone out there would care to print out a few MS Word docs of their own, please go to town and send them into tips. Not really. Please don't. [Phonearena]



    Doubt it very much. Clouded leopards do exist, but would Apple name three different versions of OS X "* Leopard"?

    Most of the specs appear believable enough (the projector might be out there but I wouldn't put it past them), except for one thing - Ethernet. Unless I'm mistaken, this is destined to be a handheld portable tablet machine, like an iPhone XL. If this is the case, there's no way in hell it will have a wired Ethernet port. If they didn't see fit to put one of the MacBook Air, they won't put one on this.

    So these iSlate specs have a 4200rpm spinning HDD in them...right...that's certainly what Apple would do in a super slim long life battery form factor machine...

    Come 2020, you guys will have this on the next list of Apple duds of the decade. What a pointless device! No matter how many times I hear people go on about it, there's no niche it fills that can't already be filled by an iphone or a notebook.

    no... just NO!

    it would NOT use a core 2 Duo! it would use and atom at the most. it would not have a spinning hard drive, and it would CERTAINLY have no need for a gigabit Ethernet port.

    think about it... 7" !? have you seen these specs in a laptop anywhere near that small?

    its not just that they are "too good to be true" they are unnecessary.

    If you're going to fake spec's at least make them believable. There is no way 10.7 will be on the Apple Slate. 10.6 just came out in August after a 13 month developer beta. Ridiculous. Not to mention the non-SSD drive Core2Duo and Ethernet port.

    If this was a real document, the heading would suggest there will be a 7 inch model, as well as other sizes.

    You don't see anything about the IPhone referring to the size of its' screen, but you do see it referred to as the 16gb version, or the 32gb version, as these are the variables, so if this is real I'm picking many versions of the device.

    Also, why would they make a completely new iSlate Superdrive for this. Why not the current external Superdrive used by the macbook air??? I called bs on this too.

    I like the Tablet concept. When I travel, I would love a small device to search the Internet, watch movies, send and receive e-mail, check my stocks etc. I also love the "projector" aspect. How cool to project busines presentations, movies/videos family photos etc.

    I hope they use Microvision's PicoP micro- projector engine.

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