Cold War 120 Seater Now Sleeps Two

If you're thinking to yourself, "that's sort of a small window for a luxury hotel suite", well, you're right. But it's only because this room occupies the entirety of a repurposed Cold War-era East German aircraft.

OK, the view isn't anything special: the plane stays grounded outside the Teuge airport in the Netherlands. But the room itself, dubbed the Vliegtuigsuite, is spectacular, including three flat screen TVs, a Blu-ray player, a sauna, and a jacuzzi. You have access to the entire plane, from your king-size bed in the back all the way up to the cockpit.

My Dutch isn't quite what it should be, but from the looks of things a night in the aircraft will put you back €350 (about $547). A bit steep, sure, but totally worth it if you've always wanted to get it on in an aeroplane without worrying about putting your foot in the blue toiletjuice. [ via WeHeart]

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