Coke Even Makes Their Bottles Out Of Sugar

In what's surely an attempt to spite high fructose corn syrup haters everywhere, Coke has redesigned their plastic bottle to contain what was once sugar cane. They call it a "PlantBottle". (It's not this thing.)

Seventy per cent petroleum, 30 per cent sugar cane leftovers (converted to a plastic after several chemical processes), the plantbottle is debuting in regions of high profile first, like Denmark for the convenient United Nations Climate Change Summit.

Through a commissioned study, Coke found their PlantBottles to have a 12-19 per cent smaller carbon footprint than their plastic classic. To put that metric into perspective: Coke used to be polluting the Earth with millions of bottles yearly that would expend our limited resources while filling our our oceans with endless filth. But with their new bottle, Coke is doing pretty much the same thing while being super pretentious dicks about it. [WSJ via Grub Street Chicago]

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