Camera Goggles Let You Relive Your Black Diamond Wipe Outs

Liquid Image, known for attaching obtrusive cameras to adventure sport eyewear, has unveiled its surprisingly streamlined 335 Snow Camera Goggles. Using the goggles' built-in camera, you can now have certifiable video proof that you are a lousy skier.

The 335 Snow Camera Goggles, to be officially announced this week at CES, pack a 5-megapixel camera, capable of shooting 720x480 video. They only come with 16MB of memory on board, but you can expand that with a Micro SD card to capture your entire snow plough down the mountain. The camera is activated by built-in controls on the side of the goggles, designed with big buttons for your chunky, gloved fingers.

More important than filming your skiing or snowboarding, however, might be the ability to film what you come across while you're skiing or snowboarding. A preliminary test of the goggles on the Ski Free mountain captured this rare shot of the Abominable Snowman:

You'll be able to record your turn on the slopes (and confirm the existence of cryptozoological creatures) by picking up the 335 Snow Camera Goggles for $US149 sometime in July. [CNET]

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