"Business Class" Favi Pico-Projectors Run Small, Have Linux

I'm still not sold on pico-projectors, but obviously that fact hasn't stopped companies from continuing to make them. I even saw one in on a mobile phone in a commercial once - they're so mainstream, man! And now Favi has two more:

Who? Right. Favi's a first-timer around here. Anyway, they have two new additions to the pico-projector space: The RIOLED-Q and the RIOLED-V, two distinct little things that focus on business use (the former) and Linux/web apps (the latter.)

In the former's case, "business" translates into a bright, 2-speaker-sporting pico-projector with A/V, VGA and USB connections. There's memory built in, although it's not said how much, and the form factor is small (note the pen), which is no surprise.

The RIOLED-V is actually a netbook slash projector, featuring Linux, web apps (YouTube, Flickr and a few other ubiquitous ones like weather and email were mentioned) and Wi-Fi. It kind of reminded me of that MSI projector PC the CES guys spotted out in Vegas this week, albeit a smaller, half-baked version that did not look anything like a small space ship with 1080p.

Both projectors are due out in February or early March. Maybe I'll come around on the whole pico-projector category by then. [Pico-Projector Info]

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