Brisbane Gets Australia's First Video Game Bar

Like video games? Like drinking? Like pretending that blue cocktails restore vast amounts of MP? Then you should move to Brisbane to celebrate the opening of The Mana Bar next month, which is reportedly Australia's first dedicated video games bar.

Located in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley and opening sometime in February, The Mana Bar is the creation of four Brisbane locals: Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, Pras Moorthy, and Shay Leighton.

Entry to the bar will be completely free, as will playing the games. They're also promising all the latest consoles and games, Guitar Hero tournaments and game release parties.

Sounds like the perfect location for a Brisbane-based Gizmodo reader meetup, wouldn't you say?

[The Mana Bar]

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    Haha mana bar..perfect.
    Please open a bar in Melb!!

    the only bar in town where you are not gone pick up :))))))))

    but great idea to hang out with a boys, I guess

    I remember the Crown casino having something along these lines years ago.

    But back then it was all arcade machines, not consoles.

    Didn't we have one of these in Crown Bar Code and it closed down?

    from zero punctuation! he's so awesome.

    Yeah, it was called Barcode. 24hour arcade that served alcohol. Good times...

    Something new i guess... Im 18 shortly and not to far away so be sure to see me there checking it out soon. :)

    Looks like they have put massive amount of effort into this and hopefully it will pay off!

    lol, I can hear them now:

    "hey guys should we try and make a show about gaming??


    nah, lets just make a place where we can drink and play games and drink.

    The only bar where nobody actually gets hurt over a bar fight ...well not physically anyway.

    I really hope this is succesful and frequented by gamers. It'd be nice to have a place for adult gamers to socialise other than LAN parties and expos.

    This is the perfect place to pick up.
    At least if a girl is in here she should be into games.
    Rather than dating her, starting relationship then she springs it on you she thinks gaming is immature.

    This is the best news I've heard in ages!

    I'm a Brisbane Gizmodian and Adult gamer so if there is a Giz gathering I'd be sure be there. I'll even bring along my girlfriend who never liked gaming until I brought home 'House of the Living dead: Overkill' even after New Mario. Who would have guessed?

    Aside that if someone is keen to organize I read on their website that they offer bookings which one would assume means group discounts on the Mana Potions... Awesome.


      No i don't have to suffer lag and can trash talk to peoples face!

    Giz should commission someone to write up the place when it opens. If only there was some tech(ish) media on the ground up there...

    it had better not be console only i want me some drunken pc action

    Would this be within the terms of the game licensing? Surely PS3/XBOX etc would have some sort of "personal not-commercial use" type DRM?

    How long before yahtzee gets sick of drunk people saying "go on do the bit, do the bit"

    how long till someone complains that the music is too loud and they can't hear people sneaking up on them...

    Omg thats awesome.....Although I'd probably be the only female haha

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