Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

 title=TGIF! Lots more CES stuff overnight: here you go!

How Do All Of Those 3D TVs Actually Work?
First, you pay a lot of money. Then you never use it, because 3D glasses are dorky. The end.

This should never have made it past concept.

Nexus One Vs iPhone 3GS Vs Droid Vs Pre: The Definitive Comparison
And only one of them is available in Australia. Sad panda.

Project Natal Consumes Just 15% Of The XBox’s CPU Power
I wonder if it makes the thing run any louder?

Hands On: Skiff Reader
More readers? Okay….

Nyko Media Hub Slim Adds Two USB Ports, Memory Card Slot To PS3
That sounds useful, but looks fugly. Which is more important though?

A Quickie Look At Dell’s Slate, In A Dark Corridor
Kind of how I think about the whole tablet format, actually.

Intel’s Double-HD Multitouch Wall Is Incredible
I want one. For my desk. And my bed. And every piece of furniture in my home.