Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

 title=Blech. I spent all weekend feeling like my head was a bomb waiting to explode, while my throat was the fuse. Hence the OJ. At least there was a lot of cool gadget news to keep me entertained:

Windows Mobile 7 WILL Launch End Of Year, Apparently
Sooner the better for Microsoft.

‘Can We Grow Organs Instead Of Transplanting Them?’

Ballmer Desecrates MacBook Pro
I wonder how Jobs would react to someone wanting their PC signed? I’m guessing contempt.

Naked Airport Body Scanner Sees Everything But The Bomby Parts
Anybody else feel like fundamental individual freedoms are being lost in the panic here?

Man To Break Sound Barrier Jumping From Edge Of Space

All You Need To Know About The First Blu-ray/DVD Hybrid Disc
It plays back Blu-ray and DVD?

Star Trek Online Captain’s Log #1: A Trek Fan’s Dream
But if it’s a game, how can you ever go where no man has gone before?

Watch The Nokia N900 Dual-Boot Maemo And Android
Well this could get interesting…