Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

 title=I’ve just gotten home from Seoul, so the wrap’s a little late today. Still here you go:

Symbian 4 To Launch Next Year, Looks Nice So Far
Hopefully it’ll have a little more horsepower than the current version.

Avatar Vs Modern Warfare 2: Billionaire Earnings Face-off
Who’s surprised?

The Ultimate Guide To Ebook Readers We Care About
Of course, a good chunk of them aren’t quite AU friendly, but still…

Rumour: WinMo7 Will Have Gestures, Really Be Debuted In February
And I have it on good authority that it will definitely launch this year.

TV Industry Turns Blind Eye To Non-3D Viewers
Another reason to not care for 3D…

Nokia Moves To Ban Apple Imports; Apple Moves To Ban Nokia Imports
Seriously, you two, get a room.