Beyond Sexting: The Spectrum Of Shameful Text Messaging

For all the talk of sexting, you'd think it was the only kind of text out there. Not so! There's plenty of other ways to message, most of which come with just as much regret:

Becksting: Texting after one too many fine imported lagers

Sectsting: Blasts to give your cult to-the-minute updates on Xenu's ETA

Flexting: A picture message that doubles as an Admit One to the gun show

Anorexting: Updating your friends on calorie counts and Weight Watchers points

Hexting: Sending bad juju via SMS

T. Rexting: Sending out obscure lyrics from '70s glam-rock bands

Dexting: Sharing your Dexter fan fiction, 160 characters at a time

Treksting: Spending an hour creating the perfect ASCII Vulcan salute

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