BeBook Neo Landing Sometime In March

BeBook Neo Landing Sometime In March

Despite what some of the US team feel about the eBook reader market, I’m actually a bit of a fan. And the BeBook Neo, which should start shipping from early March, actually seem like a pretty good deal. Once you overlook the pricetag, that is.

The BeBook Neo stands out from the rest of the eBook reader market by including Wi-Fi, plus the ability to purchase books from a variety of global ebook sites directly from the device. You can also purchase from eBook stores around the world, so you can find the best possible deals.

The BeBook Neo supports a variety of file formats, including DRM’d PDFs and ePub, and has WACOM touch panel technology inside, making the touchscreen capable of taking notes and annotations. It also functions as a web browser, just like previous BeBook devices.

Where the Neo gets difficult is in the price – it’ll set you back $625 including GST. Considering the Kindle DX, which has a 9.7-inch screen as opposed to the BeBook Neo’s six-inch, costs about $550, that price does seem a little too steep. Still, for those who hate being locked in to one particular company for both device and content, this looks like it might be an attractive option.