Asus DR-950: Yet Another Ebook Reader That Beats The Kindle

Out of nowhere, Asus has announced two promising ebook readers. The first had an OLED screen. And now their second reader, the DR-950, promises less colour but still appears to be at least a generation beyond any Kindle.

Just look at the screen to case ratio of the DR-950 - it's within reason, like a painting wrapped with a frame. That's a 9-inch, 1024×768 display in the middle, yet the DR-950 manages to be but .35 inches thick.

Inside, the 950 houses anywhere from 2GB to 4GB of storage, an SD card slot, Wi-Fi and HSDPA, the potential for WiMax, 3.5mm headphone jack and USB.

The system's software supports text to speech, RSS and a nice mix of codecs including PDF, ePub and HTML.

No word on price/availability, but from the looks of it, the DR-950 could belong in our Ultimate eBook Reader Guide. Now the 950 just needs to actually get itself released. [ElectricPig]

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