Apple Tablet Event Liveblog – We’re Here

Apple Tablet Event Liveblog – We’re Here

10am Pacific Time, January 27, 2010 (5am AEDT, January 28). The moment when Steve Jobs (or Phil Schiller) will step onstage and (probably) announce the Apple Tablet is here. Updating live.

So far, we’ve got our our usual pre-game countdown, with observations of the line, celebrity look-a-like sightings, angry rants about how cold it’s going to be in San Francisco, and photos of what people are wearing. Us? A tasteful Target and Walmart ensemble, naturally.

11.32am: Apple says they want to be at the “intersection of technology and liberal arts”. And here’s IPS: In Plane Switching. Click here if you want a better explanation of the technology. There’s a hands-on area, so we’ll have hands-on with this soon. That’s it for the presentation! Check Gizmodo’s main page for hands on impressions in a second. Thanks for reading, from Brian, Matt, Mark and myself.


11.32am: Jason Chen: He then repeated the phrase to make sure you understood what he said.


11.31am: Jason Chen: “We are ready for the iPad.” Steve says the iPad is “our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price”.


11.31am: Jason Chen: So, iBookstore, App Store and iTunes store. 125 million accounts with credit cards that can purchase from the store.


11.30am: Jason Chen: Steve Jobs is back on stage. “Do we have what it takes to establish a third category of products? We think we got the goods.” “Because they’ve shipped 75 million iPhones and iPod touches, there’s 75 million people who already know how to use the iPad.”


11.30am: Jason Chen: “This defines our vision, our sense of what’s next.” – Jon Ive


11.29am: Jason Chen: And the chip inside is the Apple A4 chip made by their hardware team. They didn’t say this was worked on by the company they purchased last year, but it might be.


11.28am: Jason Chen: The backlight for the display is LED, but otherwise they use IPS technology, for better off-angle viewing, claims Apple.


11.28am: Jason Chen: There’s over 1000 hardware sensors on the device for multitouch sensitivity.


11.27am: Jason Chen: Oh, so you can sync the apps you already downloaded to your iPhone to the iPad as well, so you don’t have to pay twice. “There’s going to be a whole new gold rush for app developers.”


11.26am: Jason Chen: Another thing Apple hasn’t specified: the battery life when you’re reading an ebook.


11.20am: Jason Chen: “We will be shipping iPads in 60 days, worldwide availability of Wi-Fi models.” It’ll be another 30 days beyond that for 3G models. They also have accessories for this. First, a dock. There’s another dock for the iPad: a keyboard dock. There’s a “full size mechanical keyboard”, and it slides in in portrait mode. The keyboard looks just like a standard Apple keyboard. And, there’s a carrying case (like the Kindle’s), and works as a stand too. And here’s a video for the accessories. There’s no camera on the back, and there doesn’t seem like there’s a front camera either. “It’s going to change the way we do the things we do,” says Phil Schiller. Jon Ive says “there’s no wrong or right way to hold it. I don’t have to change myself to fit the product, it fits me.” The demo video also shows how to type on the thing: like a laptop’s keyboard. “It’s practically the same size as a laptop keyboard.” In landscape mode, that is.


11.19am: Jason Chen: Then there’s 32GB for $US599 and 64GB for $US699. These are for the Wi-Fi only version. And the 3G models cost an extra $US130, so $US629, $US729 and $US829 for the 3G-capable models.


11.17am: Jason Chen: How much is it going to be? He says “pundits” said it would be under $US1000, which is $US999. “We had a very aggressive price goal, because we wanted to put it in the hands of a lot of people. I am thrilled to announce to you that the iPad pricing starts, not at $999, but at $499.” This is no doubt the 16GB version without 3G.


11.16am: Jason Chen: So this is the US, but what about internationally? They hope to have international deals in place by June. “We’re going to start on that tomorrow.” But, all iPad 3G models are unlocked, and they use GSM micro SIMs, so if your carrier offers micro SIMs, “they’ll just work”. “So, iPad. It’s phenomenal to hold the internet in your hand.” Steve is going through the features now, like music, email and video. It runs “almost all” the apps on the app store.


11.14am: Jason Chen: You can activate this service on the iPad itself, and there’s no contract – it’s prepaid and you can cancel anytime.


11.14am: Jason Chen: It’s with AT&T (confirmed). And, AT&T will let you use the Wi-Fi hotspots for free.


11.14am: Jason Chen: What does it cost for the data plans? In the US, companies charge $US60 for a data plan for laptops. But, “we’ve got a real breakthrough here. We’ve got two awesome plans for iPad owners.” The first is 250MB data a month for $US15. And if you want, unlimited data for $US30 a month.


11.13am: Jason Chen: And now, wireless networking. It has Wi-Fi, but there are models with 3G.


11.12am: Jason Chen: “A few other things … I’d like to talk about iTunes.” It syncs like an iPhone with your Mac or PC over the 30-pin cable. You sync everything: photos, music, movies, TV shows, contacts, calendars, bookmarks and applications, like the iPhone. Even backups.


11.12am: Jason Chen: Steve Jobs is back on stage. “Isn’t it great?”


11.11am: Jason Chen: What is Apple going to charge for each of the iWork apps? $US9.99 each, so $US30 if you want all. They’re all compatible with iWork on the Mac, and you can connect to a projector (confirmed). Available on the App Store whenever the iPad is available.


11.10am: Jason Chen: Also, I’m not seeing a front-camera on this thing for a webcam on the virtual iPad on screen. But that could be just hidden. New York Times looks like they got the iWork rumour correct.


11.09am: Jason Chen: So far we’ve covered ebooks and newspapers (TV and movies were already there from the iPhone), but we haven’t covered magazines yet. I wonder what that’s going to be like.


11.07am: Jason Chen: He now brings up Numbers. I hope he’s not planning on making us sit through a session of him doing his taxes. I suppose an iWork-like app was all that was missing from the iPhone in order to allow businesspeople to “work from the road” and leave their computers at home.


11.07am: Jason Chen: “It is the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever used.” – Phil Schiller


11.05am: Jason Chen: I suppose the iPad would be a pretty good presentation device, letting you see the screens on your device and controlling it while it’s being projected onto a wall through the 30-pin dock connector. (Video out is still unconfirmed, this is just my guess.) Now Phil’s going to Pages. He’s showing off documents he’s created. He’s scrolling through text, and when he taps on text, the keyboard pops up. If he wants to focus on typing, he turns the thing horizontal. There’s a page navigator as well, scrolling through the right to see different pages. He’s now moving a photo of a giraffe around to show off auto-wrapping text.


11.04am: Jason Chen: You can also add animations and transitions by picking a pre-generated one from a list.


11.01am: Jason Chen: He’s showing off making new presentations by tapping a new presentation, and it brings up a new layout format with slide navigator on the left and the current slide on the right.Phil’s showing off how you can drag and drop slides around. You can also pick up multiple slides by holding one slide and tapping others, to put it into the pile. You can also resize and move elements around on a slide by just tapping and dragging, just as you’d imagine it would work.


11am: Jason Chen: Schiller’s sitting down in Steve Jobs’s chair, which is probably still warm.


10.59am: Jason Chen: The question was whether or not a tablet could power iWork (the answer is yes, obviously), and “whether or not they could come up with a completely new user interface”. The answer to that is also yes. And now, Phil Schiller, with his standard Phil Schiller outfit to demo iWork. “They’ve done some amazingly remarkable work.” There’s a new version of Keynote designed just for the iPad. A new version of Pages just for the iPad (word processor), and numbers, which is the spreadsheet app. Schiller just called it cool to use.


10.57am: Jason Chen: Apple uses the ePub format, which means it’s open, and which might mean you can import your own ePub books (maybe?). Kindle looks like the odd-man out with their proprietary format now. But, how about iWork? There’s iWork for the iPad.


10.57am: Jason Chen: It’s still unsaid whether or not you can import your own books from other libraries.


10.57am: Jason Chen: You can skip directly to chapters from the table of contents, and there are photos, as you’d expect.


10.55am: Jason Chen: The book downloads directly onto his shelf, just like on the Kindle. “It’s just so simple.” And here’s what the book is like. You can flip the page by tapping anywhere on the right, change the size, or flip back by tapping on the left. Or, drag the page over manually using touch.


10.55am: Jason Chen: Jobs is showing off the bookshelf. You can hit the store button, and the bookshelf flips around to show the iBooks store. It’s basically the same as the App Store or the iTunes store. He’s browsing the NYT bestseller book, and he’s going to buy the Edward Kenney True Compass book for $US14.99.


10.54am: Jason Chen: It’s got a bookshelf, and the screen actually looks like you’re looking down at a book, with extraneous stuff on the side that looks like the side of a book. It’s called iBooks. And, there’s even an iBook store that has Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Hachette book group. And here’s a demo of it.


10.52am: Jason Chen: Scott from Apple is back on stage. Steve Jobs is back on stage. “Isn’t it awesome? And these guys only had two, two-and-a-half weeks to work on this thing. Imagine what they’re going to do in the next few months.” Does this mean that it’s not coming for a few months? And now, an eBook reader app. “Amazon’s done a great job of pioneering this technology with their ebook reader.” And now, a new app called iBooks.


10.51am: Jason Chen: You can even replay games in a small window on the screen. There are game controls, to see the box score, the field, the matchup and the lineup. You can even watch live with your choice of home or away announcers.


10.50am: Jason Chen: MLB says they had to create a “whole new experience” for the larger display. There’s the “live game experience”, which looks at scores, and even stuff like the trajectory of every pitch thrown, being able to tap on the ball to see details, or tapping on a person to see their baseball card.


10.49am: Jason Chen: Last up is


10.48am: Jason Chen: EA says the first thing they wanted to check out was the device’s performance, and for that, Need For Speed. They’re showing off a BMW M3, which looks quite good (definitely better than the iPhone), but not as good as on a PC. It looks somewhere in between, which is kinda the point of the device. Though it’s closer to the iPhone. “It’s like holding an HD screen up to your face.” The game is also “fully touch enabled.” To see inside the car, just tap inside the car, and swipe up and down on the shifter to change gears, and tap on the mirror to look behind you.

Now he’s showing off the framerate, which is pretty smooth actually, even if the graphics aren’t very impressive compared to a laptop.


10.45am: Jason Chen: You can pinch and zoom in up to 32x, and you can eyedropper as well. There’s even support of in-app playback on the paintings. And Brushes will be available at the iPad launch. Now, Electronic Arts.


10.45am: Jason Chen: It’s a simple paint app (the invite for this event looked like a painting app, too). And, he’s showing off how you can paint on the screen with brushes, swatches and other tools painters should be used to.


10.43am: Jason Chen: It’s like the New York Times reader, basically. Next up is “Brushes”. It’s a “one person shop”, and that one person, Steve Sprang, is coming on stage now.


10.42am: Jason Chen: AND, you can play a movie, like on the website.


10.42am: Jason Chen: Here’s the app. It’s very similar to the actual paper, but can skip around like on the iPhone version. The formatting is similar to a paper, and you can change the number of columns, resize text, flip through slideshows and go into landscape mode.


10.41am: Jason Chen: The NYT will create a customised application for the iPad like they did for the iPhone.


10.40am: Jason Chen: The higher resolution actually looks pretty good, and the textures don’t look the same as on the iPhone’s version. Next up is New York Times. And here’s a person from the New York Times to talk about their app.


10.37am: Jason Chen: Apple will highlight apps that are created explicitly for the iPad in the iPad store as well. You can get iPhone apps, of course, but they will highlight the special ones.

Scott is inviting some people on stage, starting with gameloft, to show what they can create especially for the iPad in just a few weeks.

First up, Nova, which is already on the iPhone. For the control scheme, you can slide the D-Pad up and down the screen, or move the controls around to your liking. The demo person is holding the iPad like a big iPhone, in two hands.

You can also do motions like sliding two fingers across the screen to throw a grenade.

They can “interact with the game world in ways that weren’t possible before,” like sliding three fingers on the screen to interact with a door.

Another new innovation, drawing a targeting box around enemies and firing on them simultaneously.


10.36am: Jason Chen: You can go to today and “get going”. The SDK includes an iPad simulator to run the iPad apps on the Mac.


10.35am: Jason Chen: “We’ve enhanced the iPhone SDK to support development for the iPad as well, and we’re releasing the SDK today.”


10.34am: Jason Chen: He also has Flight Control installed on there, which is Nick Denton’s favourite iPhone game. But, what if the developer modifies their game for the larger display? “We rewrote the user interface of every one of our apps to take advantage of the larger display that comes with the iPad.”


10.34am: Jason Chen: It’s an unmodified game “right off the app store”, emphasising the fact that you’re going to be able to play all these games that are already in the App Store, so that the iPad won’t launch with a tiny library.

10.33am: Jason Chen: Again, so far he’s just running iPhone programs that are just uprezzed to the resolution of the iPad.


10.33am: Jason Chen: “But what about a game?” Here’s an ESPN game called Snocross.


10.32am: Jason Chen: He’s downloaded all these apps unmodified from the App Store. First, Facebook. He runs it in a tiny iPhone-size window in the middle of the screen. But he can tap the “2x” button and run things full screen. It’s the same resolution, but just bigger.


10.32am: Jason Chen: The iPad can run “virtually every one of these apps, unmodified, right out of the box”. They can either run it very small, 1:1 pixel, in the centre of the screen. Or they can “pixel double” it and run it full screen, in a low resolution mode.



10.31am: Jason Chen: This means it’s going to run from the same App Store as the iPhone, but we’re not sure about what TYPE of apps yet.


10.31am: Jason Chen: But what about third-party applications? The App Store. Now he invites Scott Forstall, the SVP of iPhone Software.



10.30am: Jason Chen: He can “fly to San Francisco to Tokyo and watch video the whole way on one charge.” That’s 10 hours of VIDEO. And one month of standby charge. “And it’s got battery. What is the battery life of this remarkable new device?” 10 hours of battery life. And the environmental checklist, pretty much the same as the laptops Apple’s currently building.


10.29am: Jason Chen: It has 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. 30-pin connector, speaker, microphone, accelerometer and compass.


10.29am: Jason Chen: “As you know, Apple builds the same multitouch sensors in the world.” And it has multitouch on this. It’s powered by a 1GHz Apple A4 chip, and has 16GB to 64GB of flash storage. “And it screams.”


10.28am: Jason Chen: Now, the hardware. “It’s half an inch thin and weighs just 1.5 pounds (1.68kg).” It has a 9.7-inch IPS display, which has “great angle of view”.


10.28am: Jason Chen: “And that’s an overview of what the iPad can do.”

10.27am: Jason Chen: Now he’s showing the movie Up!, which is also in widescreen (not quite as wide as Star Trek). There’s also a lot of bezel around the device for some reason. I’d say 20 per cent of the device is bezel, if you’re measuring in one direction?

10.26am: Jason Chen: As for movies, Jobs is bringing up Star Trek, selecting a chapter and watching it in widescreen landscape mode. The movie only takes up about half the screen’s display area because it’s widescreen, and the tablet is not. P.S. lens flares.


10.25am: Jason Chen: Jobs may have just said “that’s fucking YouTube” while demoing YouTube, but I didn’t quite get that middle word and heard what I wanted to hear. So, unconfirmed.


10.25am: Jason Chen: Brian says don’t go to the Sushi Boat place that Jobs just mentioned, because you will get food poisoning.

10.24am: Jason Chen: But what else? There’s a maps app, which is Google Maps (he doesn’t mention Google by name though!) Not yet, anyway. He’s loading up his current location, that means this has GPS or some kind of location sensing. But, there’s no icon on the top next to the Wi-Fi icon that shows a 3G connection.


10.23am: Jason Chen: Jobs jumped over to calendar, which looks really like the one on the desktop, except for a couple more views like Day and List, which looks more like an organiser book (a physical one).


10.23am: Jason Chen: There are movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, iTunes U and a topless Alicia Keys.


10.22am: Jason Chen: Now, iTunes. He can pull up songs similar to the new Album Cover view in iTunes, and he taps different album covers to bring up a list of songs in that album. Tapping a song there plays the song. It’s more similar to iTunes on the desktop than iPod on the iPhone. And the iTunes store? He’s showing JOHN MAYER’s Battle Studies.


10.21am: Jason Chen: Jobs is showing a photo slideshow with backing music and decent-looking transitions. He’s sitting cross-legged on his little loveseat. He holds the iPad with one hand and manipulates it with the other.


10.20am: Jason Chen: He can also zoom out to map mode for photos, and see all the photos he took in a particular location in the world. There are pins representing different cities, with popups for each photo set.


10.19am: Jason Chen: It’s a cross platform device, because he can sync photos with Mac and Windows, but if he’s on a Mac, you can get photo data like events from iPhoto. He’s showing a holiday photo of someone’s kids. And some girl named Liz.

10.18am: Jason Chen: Now, photos. He’s swiping around and tapping photos, very similar to the way the iPhone works – but with a bigger screen, naturally.


10.18am: Jason Chen: And to compose a message, click on compose and “up pops this gorgeous keyboard here”. Steve Jobs is typing actually NOT with his thumbs, but with fingers, like on a real keyboard. He’s placing it on his lap and typing away semi-naturally. But not without errors.


10.18am: Jason Chen: Now, demonstrating how to open a PDF. Tap on it and the PDF opens in a new window, just like on the iPhone.


10.17am: Jason Chen: Next up, email. He’s looking at a message, and he can bring up a pulldown menu of the inbox on the left by clicking the inbox button. He can swap to landscape view and view things in widescreen, with the inbox on the left and the message on the right.

10.16am: Jason Chen: And next, National Geographic’s website. This could a flash plugin, I’m not sure. And Steve Jobs hasn’t said anything about it yet. He’s zooming in and swiping around just like you would on an iPhone.


10.16am: Jason Chen: Now, Time magazine. Next, Fandango, because Steve Jobs wants to buy some tickets for a movie. “Grab the tablet that’s in the kitchen, go to the iPad and buy your tickets.”


10.14am: Jason Chen: First up, he’s showing up Safari, going to Now he’s visiting the New York Times website. The page renders just like a browser’s, and there are the navigational buttons on the top. Jobs clicked a story and there is a missing plugin error (is this flash? Does this mean that the iPad won’t have flash?)


10.13am: Jason Chen: You can also watch YouTube (even in high def), and you can watch TV shows and movies. It’s not widescreen though, and looks closer to 4:3 than 16:9. And here’s a demo. You slide to unlock, just like an iPhone. “It’s so much more intimate than a laptop.”


10.13am: Jason Chen: The music player is also very similar to the iPhone’s, but also very similar to actual iTunes. It’s a hybrid.

10.12am: Jason Chen: You can flick through photos and emails just like on the iPhone, basically. There’s a built-in calendar (like a datebook married to the desktop OS X calendar).



10.12am: Jason Chen: And here’s the keyboard: “it’s a dream to type on”, and it looks like a giant iPhone keyboard. “It’s almost life size.”


10.11am: Jason Chen: You can turn iPad, and an accelerometer will adjust by itself. “You can see the whole web page. “


10.11am: Jason Chen: “It is the best browsing experience you’ve ever had.”


10.11am: Jason Chen: A quick overview: “it’s very thin”, and you can change the background of the device. Here’s what it looks like, and Steve Jobs has one. The icons are like the iPhone’s, complete with a tray at the bottom (like the Mac OS X dock).


10.10am: Jason Chen: “And we call it, the iPad.” It’s official.

10.10am: Jason Chen: But what about Netbooks? “Netbooks aren’t better at ANYTHING! They’re just like cheap laptops.”

10.09am: Jason Chen: This device needs to be BETTER than a laptop or a smartphone at these types of devices. “Or it has no reason for being.”

10.09am: Jason Chen: Things like browsing the web. Email. Photos. Videos. Music. Games. Ebooks.

10.09am: Jason Chen: “In order to create a third category of devices, these devices will have to be far better at doing some key tasks. What kind of tasks?”

10.08am: Jason Chen: “Is there room for a third category of device in the middle? Something that’s between a laptop and smartphone?”


10.08am: Jason Chen: And three years ago, they invented the iPhone.


10.07am: Jason Chen: Before he’s going to talk about the tablet, he’s going to go back to 1991, when they shipped the first PowerBooks. It was the first laptop with a TFT screen, putting the keyboard up to create palm rests, and a pointing device.

10.07am: Jason Chen: Steve’s showing a quote from the WSJ on the tablet.



10.06am: Jason Chen: And now, the main event.

10.06am: Jason Chen: By revenue, Apple is the largest “mobile devices business” in the world now. Larger than Sony, with digital cameras camcorders, bigger than Samsung’s and bigger than Nokia. Again, by revenue.


10.05am: Jason Chen: They get their revenue from three product lines, iPods, iPhones and Macs. (A fourth coming today?!)

10.05am: Jason Chen: So now Apple is an over $US50 billion company. “It is pretty amazing.”


10.05am: Jason Chen: Lastly (a photo of Woz and Jobs is on stage), Steve says 34 years after they started in 1976, they have $US15.6 billion of revenue.


10.04am: Jason Chen: Next update: App Store. There are over 140,000 applications in the App Store. “A few weeks ago we announced a user downloaded the three-billionth app from the App Store.”

10.03am: Jason Chen: Their fourth store in NYC is on Broadway in Lincoln Centre, with a huge glass front and a bunch of tables inside.


10.03am: Jason Chen: The second update (he’s going pretty fast here). Apple has 284 retail stores. They’ve had 50 million visitors to their stores.

10.02am: Jason Chen: But first he is going to talk about some other updates. A few weeks ago, they sold their 250-millionth iPod.


10.02am: Jason Chen: “We want to kick off 2010 by introducing a truly magical product today.”

10.01am: Jason Chen: Steve Jobs is on stage, and he looks about the same as we last saw him (kinda skinny, but not unhealthily skinny).

10.01am: Jason Chen: There are three bottles of water on stage, because Steve Jobs never drinks from the same water bottle twice. (This is not true.)

10am: Jason Chen: The lights are dimming and the show should start soon.

10am: Jason Chen: I would love to liveblog a Dylan presentation. I could make up any text I wanted and nobody would doubt it, since nobody could decipher his mumblings anyway.

9.58am: Jason Chen: Apple’s playing a live recording of a Dylan concert. Unless Dylan is backstage, complete with an audience, that is. You never know!

9.56am: Jason Chen: People are taking their seats, and the announcer is asking us to silence our mobile phones and paging devices.

9.55am: Jason Chen: I’m willing to bet half the people here will be liveblogging the next Apple event on a tablet, possibly with a keyboard attachment peripheral.

9.54am: Jason Chen: There are so many video cameras here from so many TV stations that I’m afraid to pick my nose, lest I end up on some station’s B-Roll that they’ll air sometime tonight. Ahh, screw it, here I go anyway.


9.53am: Jason Chen: I swear the guy who was on Rescue Me (the fat lieutenant guy) is here, in the front, talking to someone. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS.


9.51am: Jason Chen: We’re still about 10 minutes away from the event starting. I wonder if the guys backstage are vomiting from nervousness. I would be.


9.49am: Jason Chen: Oh and don’t forget to post your comments and predictions in our post here. Besides the Tablet, any guesses on what’s going to be announced? My last minute ones: iLife, MacBook Pro i5/i7 upgrades and an upgrade to MobileMe that allows you to live stream your day to anybody who is interested.

9.46am: Jason Chen: I was willing to bet a lot of money that Apple was going to play Phoenix before the show started, but it doesn’t seem like they will be.


9.45am: Jason Chen: We’re inside. I’m liveblogging from the bathroom.

9.40am: Joel Johnson: (In that metaphor we are Bing Crosby’s sweater.)

9.39am: Joel Johnson: We’ve lost contact with our away team as they begin the death shuffle to seats. These guys have been training for today for weeks. You’d think I’m joking because that sounds so pathetic but I’m totally not. This is our Bowie-meets-Bing-Crosby moment.

9.32am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that makes us all understand why we inexplicably crave a tablet.

9.31am: Jason Chen: People are lining up to go inside, and I am drafting behind someone who is guaranteed to get in fast.

9.31am: Joel Johnson: OH WHAT IS THAT fruit table! Brian was all “They always serve food; there’s no need for sausage patties.”

Well, clearly there is. God, the editorial sense in this place!

9.30am: Joel Johnson: Mark: I heard that Jason Calacanis has an Apple tablet that is powered entirely by an encapsulated ego dynamo that orbits the black hole in his brain where most people have a sense of humour.

9.29am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet free from the yellow, flickering screens of the latest iMacs.


9.26am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a 10-inch tablet that can double as a colourful vanity plate.

9.24am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that functions exclusively in select Starbucks locations.

9.24am: Jason Chen: Joel, while it’s true most gingers have souls, it’s undetermined if Matt Buchanan does. My money is on him stealing the soul of an intern when we weren’t looking.

9.22am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that’s really just six iPod touches glued together, bezels and all.


9.18am: Joel Johnson: And if you stare at that JPG and whisper, “Bloody ginger, bloody ginger” five times the spectre of Matt Buchanan will appear.

9.16am: Joel Johnson: Jason: That usually means that I’m trying to get into your pants. Seduction-by-thesaurus is way undervalue, lowball, do an injustice to, be wrong about, sell short, play down, understate.

Whoa, it’s Fry and Ive! Take that, House!

9.15am: Jason Chen: Also pictured next to Ive, Stevie Fry, who is unfortunately not drinking.



9.13am: Jason Chen: Joel, I don’t understand half of the words in your last update.

9.10am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that is 99 per cent compostable, save for a highly radioactive nuclear core with half life of two million years.

9.10am: Jason Chen: We just saw Jon Ive, and he is drinking brandy like a classy son of a bitch.

9.10am: Joel Johnson: Pics! I hear that dressing up in quasi-steampunk worsted fabrics is what the cool kids in the Bay Area are wearing these days. And to think we gave up tight-rolled jeans for beards in the last ’80s revival.

9.07am: Jason Chen: Whoa, one man looks like he just got back from a Himalayan expedition. It’s working for him.

9.06am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that runs seven hours on lithium ion battery, or 7.5 hours on one gram of unobtainium.

9.04am: Jason Chen: If I could grow a ’70s moustache like some of these guys, I would be seven times as manly. Plus, I would never go hungry.

9.04am: Joel Johnson: OMG Jason. My beard is so bad right now because I’m growing it out for this article on shaving I’m doing for Mark. But what’s worse is that now it has been so long since my skin has seen sunlight that when I finally do shave my face will be so buttery it’ll look like I just went down on Paula Deen.

9.02am: Joel Johnson: I was about to make fun of Earth2Tech for this post where they talk about how “green” the Apple Tablet will be without ever having seen one, but then I realised:

1) I write for Gizmodo, which has paid for several of Denton’s wigs this month by Apple speculation alone
2) Atoms are the new bits!

So don’t worry about anything. I’m pretty sure Apple harvested the raw materials from wandering asteroids.

9am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet with a display that shakes clean like an Etch a Sketch, but ruins 70 per cent of the emails you type handheld.

9am: Jason Chen: I regret shaving my beard off last night.

8.56am: Joel Johnson: I have a dirty secret: I’ve never actually ever been to an Apple event.

Here’s a worse one: I got this email bounce of the invite that Apple sent to Gizmodo, and for like 24 hours I thought they were inviting me specifically. I crowed about it ever so subtly to the rest of the Gizmodo crew, until I realised that I didn’t actually know how to read email headers properly.

Hence, me home in my bathrobe.

(P.S. MSF can still use funds that you can’t spend on a tablet today, anyway. I’ll stop now.)

8.55am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that renders Call of Duty at full resolution but requires a MobileMe subscription to play online.

8.51am: Joel Johnson: Wow, Haiti really cleaned itself up for this one. (That is Haiti, right?)

8.50am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a tablet that Bootcamps into a Microsoft Courier.


8.48am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces the 10-inch tablet we’ve all imagined but the only supported language is Wingdings.

8.48am: Jason Chen: Oh you said patty. That too.

8.45am: Jason Chen: Joel, I believe I would be more interested in a sausage shaped tablet party.

8.43am: Joel Johnson: Jason, Mark. I don’t want to get all I-told-you-so, but wouldn’t you really be loving a van-cooked tablet-shaped sausage patty right now?

8.42am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a 180lb (80kg) tablet that’s 1.8m tall and only displays a life-sized animated gif of Steve Jobs waving to me at all times.

8.40am: Jason Chen: Hey look, it’s Matt Buchanan, who some random stranger called the Gizmodo albino one time. That wasn’t nice, random stranger. You take that back.

8.36am: Jason Chen: Beard to baldness ratio is about 1:3, unless you’re talking about the other kind of beard, in which case there are no women here.

8.33am: Mark Wilson: I hope Apple announces a 9lb (4kg) tablet with hand crank power only.

8.30am: Jason Chen: A few standard outfits here. You’ve got your jeans, shirt and a blazer, your “running down to Dennys” windbreaker and sweatpants, your “I’m on network TV” suit, and your randomly sprinkled hipster uniforms.

8.28am: Jason Chen: Some guy just came up and asked me if I was Jason Chen. After I confirmed, he said he was a big fan. I thanked him. Was I just punk’d?

8.27am: Joel Johnson: Jason, what about the beard|baldness ratio?

8.26am: Joel Johnson: OK, Herrman got pictures of the back up: Is This The Outside of the Apple Tablet? Looks legit to me!

8.24am: Jason Chen: Attendee baldness ratio remains unchanged. No more, no less. But there is no sun, so the glare isn’t too bad.

8.23am: Jason Chen: We’re here, along with the usual cast of unemployables.

8.23am: Jason Chen: Ooh, we just got in some pictures of what looks like the unibody aluminium back of the tablet. Posting here in a sec.

8.19am: Joel Johnson: Really bad puns ahoy:

@Lea_Hernandez RT @gdwessel Nice. RT: @EddieRobson: Wouldn’t it be great if Apple made a comics reader called the iSner?

It’s funny because of this guy named Will Eisner who was sort of an important comics guy who… fine.

But I would love love love to see some comics stuff announced today for this thing. Actually, I should call one of my sources now just for a last second check up.

8.16am: Joel Johnson: So a lot of people have been kind of chuckling up to me, being totally nice if misguided, and asking, “So are you totally sick of this tablet stuff yet?” And I mean, I appreciate it, but I have to say that in this case no I am not. I am legitimately excited to see what Apple pulls out today.

Although I will cop to being slightly mentally prepped for learning that they’ve cracked some magical new haptic/physical feedback QWERTY typing solution. If it’s just a really nice touchscreen device I’ll survive, but I will shed a tear privately.

8.11am: Joel Johnson: Richard Lawson over at Gawker is musing about the scavenger hunt they ran:

Like blockbuster movies! That’s sort of sweet in an irredeemably nerdy way, isn’t it? There is something about the grandeur and anticipation of one of these keynote magic shows. Yes it’s all nasty and capitalistic and cold and inhuman, but a little bit of excitement never hurt anyone, especially in these penurious times, when a Cosmo centerfold has assumed the regency and rules us all from his throne made of the bones of the New York Yankees.

The Apple Tablet and the Joy of Anticipation

8.08am: Joel Johnson: Jason, you wish it’d only be $US600 more entertaining. I’m betting on this thing costing upwards of a grand. Or as I call it “ten large, but not the extra large, right just hundreds.”

8.06am: Joel Johnson: It’s strange to be receiving last minute leaks on what the tablet looks like. At this point it’s almost impossible to get excited about something we’ll see for certain in a couple of hours.

8.05am: Jason Chen: I wish I were typing this on a tablet right now. It would be more entertaining by $US600.

8.03am: Joel Johnson: The last time I was in New York, Nick Denton took Blam and I out to lunch. We sat in some sort of Mexican dungeon while Denton stared down at the thick wooden table and said of the tablet, “It’s the gadget I’ve been waiting for all my life.”

Mostly true story!

Then today he sent out some lines from Shakespeare. All I’m saying is can someone in the New York office check on him? I’m worried about him.

8.01am: Jason Chen: Uh oh a tunnel.

7.59am: Joel Johnson: Good morning, Jason; gadget fans.

7.45am: Jason Chen: I just saw two cops pull over an unmarked white van. This is not the start of a horribly tasteless joke, just an observation.

7.38am: Jason Chen: None for Lost, because they’re supposed to be in 2004…or 2037. I can never keep their time travelling straight.

7.35am: Jason Chen: Think of all the product placements on TV shows in a few months. Jack Bauer using a tablet to peep on terrorists, House playing tablet games when he’s supposed to be diagnosing lupus, and Heroes, being a lousy show.

7.31am: Jason Chen: Or Kanye West, as he runs up on stage, slapping the tablet out of Steve Jobs’ hands, exclaiming that the Handspring Visor was the best tablet of all time.

7.29am: Jason Chen: It’s not totally unprecedented, so I wonder what celebrities will be attending today. John Mayer? Ralph Macchio? Yoko Ono?

7.19am: Jason Chen: Gotta say, the Palm Pre Plus Wi-Fi hotspot is pretty useful. I’m Wi-Fi connected to it from an iPhone now.

7.11am: Jason Chen: Did anyone get in on that Klingon invasion in Star Trek Online yesterday?That must have been GREAT. Pew pew.

6.46am: Jason Chen: It’s early. But never too early for pie. I’m eating pie.