Apple iSlate Concept Is Exactly How This Thing Should Be

Apple iSlate should be this simple. With an aluminium or white polycarbonate body, perhaps even rubberised, and no bezel whatsoever, with a very thin black frame. It really doesn't need anything else. Ogle its simple beauty.

I like it. I would like the screen to reach the very edge of the device, but that's probably not possible with the current technology.

But where's the button, some may ask? I think that, for the iSlate, they can actually pass on the physical home button, since it doesn't make much sense in a 10-inch format. I mean, where do you place it? In the bottom centre? Two home buttons on the sides? One? On one corner? What corner? Instinctively, I don't think it's needed. And they always implement a hard-to-reach physical reset button on the back.

Hopefully, we will have answers at the end of the month. [Thanks Rodolphe Desmare for the art]

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