Apple iPad's Myriad Optional Dongles: USB, SD, AC, BBQ

The iPad really is a giant iPhone - so much so that if you want to get a laptop-like experience out of it, you'll need adaptors to change the typical 30-pin connector into USB, SD or AC power.

In addition to the keyboard attachment, there will also be dongles, attaching to the 30-pin dock connector, that give a USB port and SD card slot. In terms of charging, there's no built-in MagSafe connector or anything, so they'll also be shipping a USB-to-AC cable as an optional extra. Neither release date nor pricing has been revealed on these accessories, but we'll let you know as soon as we have them. [Official Page, Our Apple iPad Coverage]


    typical, get you on all the accessories.

    Seperate SD card reader? Thats mental. Its like Apple don't want you to expand the memory at all.

    The real question is will any of these work with the iphone?
    I have times where using a keyboard, or hooking up to an external screen would be incredibly usefull.

      go jailbreak your iphone and you can connect your apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your iphone!

    So instead of taking the easy route and including a USB port or two in the iPad, Apple has gone hard route and engineered a bunch of special/stupid dongles to kind of recreate what a USB port can already do better. So if you have an iPad you have to decide between charging your iPad, using the keyboard, using a USB device or using an SD card at anyone time. Pure brilliance.

    If it had just one USB port along side the 30 pin dock connector you'd be able to hook up a USB hub, attach any usb keyboard, any card reader, and any other usb device, whilst charing it through the 30 pin dock connector. It would totally open up the possibilities of what this thing could do; just add program multitasking, the ability to install any app, and a file explorer/finder and it'd be a half good product.

    Looks like apple finally found their Wii...
    Man, that sounds like a really crude joke, Sorry

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