Apple "Experts" Will Make Geniuses Feel Like Dunces

We've teased that Apple Geniuses might not be the brightest in the bunch, but now Apple itself might make them feel stupid. The company is supposedly adding "experts" who'll roam retail stores and answer support questions without need for appointments.

OK, so from the sounds of it, this new job position will be a sales floor roaming Genius who'll "serve as a resource that answers questions for customers". These boys and gals will have a "general knowledge of the whole product range". In essence, they're a combination of sales and Genius Bar staff, and their positions are supposedly very coveted. According to Apple Insider, we should see these folks crowding Red Zones - Apple retail store sales floors - within the next few weeks.

I still don't understand how an "expert" ranks above a "genius", but it's all just a job title until someone starts crying. [Apple Insider]

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