All You Need This Year Is Love And This Uplifting Video

Remember the extremely popular and touching Stand By Me video? That was recorded in a virtual studio around the world during different days. Here's the not-less-touching "All You Need Is Love", recorded in 156 countries at exactly the same time...

This video was recorded on December 7, 2009 at 1.30pm Greenwich Meridian Time. All the different musicians in 156 locations started singing the song at that time, with the same tempo. They were good, because when the results were assembled in a single video, everything matched.

The event was organised by Starbucks to help raise awareness of AIDS in Africa for the (RED) foundation. Like the Stand By Me video, the result will touch even the coldester-hearted bastards among you. And if it doesn't, you need a punch on the bracket.

Another happy way to start 2010. The "All You Need Is Love" video, I mean, not the Eddie Izzard. Although the Eddie Izzard is great too. Pass the link along. [Starbucks Love Project]

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