ADE-651 Magic Wand Bomb Detector Is A Fraud, Probably Killed Hundreds

Jim McCormick promised his ADE-651 wand could identify anything, including bombs, simply by waving it around with the right RFID card inside. Yeah, totally fake, and now he's in prison. Too bad Iraq already spent $US85 million on the devices.

Literally, the $US40,000 (apiece) devices did absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Experts think the insides contained nothing more than a dumb RFID card. Powered by nothing. Nope, not even a power supply. Just some snake oil, if that. $US85 million!

Even worse, "inventor" McCormick was a firm, open believer in dowsing (as in, finding water with a stick), and that's what the device was based on. Dowsing!

The BBC ran an investigative report on the device, during which McCormick claimed, without breaking his stride, that the device could detect explosives up to one kilometre away. Video below (money shot at 7:30 when the insides are shown to be empty):

Now the money lost is bad, but the loss of life is worse. Immeasurable. Security personnel and Iraqi soldiers were using these powerless dowsing rod devices in the field to detect bombs at security checkpoints and who knows where else. Scores died with this murderous thing gripped tightly in their hands. Hundreds more when the security checkpoints, armed with these devices, failed to protect them. [BBC, CrunchGear]


    Let's hope McCormick is extradited to Iraq.

    How can they spend US$85 million on such an important piece of equipment without doing their own further testing, which they obviously didn't do given that the device does NOTHING?

    Iraq: "So this thing works right?"
    McCormick: "Yes. Yes it does."
    Iraq: "Ok I'll take US$80 million worth."
    McCormick: "Price break at $85 mill."
    Iraq: "Deal!"

    No doubt they will be looking further up the chain to see who okayed the purchase and had the devices tested. There's sure to be more than one finger in the pie.

      Yeah I agree something isn't right. No way 85 mil would be spend one 1. testing 2. at least opening it up. This is just too weird.

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