7 Gadgets That Will Ruin 2010

Do you make new year's resolutions? If so, you should avoid the following products. Your chance for success in 2010 would be over before it began.

Losing Weight: Sorry, but your diet is blown sky high when you carry around a briefcase full of sausage - as is your resolution about not having heart attacks in 2010. [Gizmodo]

Get More Enjoyment Out of Life: Unfortunately, if you purchase any one of the gadgets on our list of the 50 (+11) worst gadgets of the decade, the chances of leading a more joyful life are significantly reduced.

Get On a Budget and Save Money: If you want to save more money in the upcoming year, you should probably steer clear of impulse Back to the Future Delorean replica purchases on eBay - no matter how insanely detailed they might be. [Jalopnik]

Get a Promotion: Forget a promotion, you will be completely unemployable if you decide to bust out the office babe score cards. [Smutty Gifts]

Stop Drinking So Much: After New Year's Eve, I'm going to cut down on the alcohol - and this time, I mean it. Unfortunately, that goal is going to be a lot harder to achieve with a booze-loading shotgun lying around. [Giftlab]

And if you plan on going out tonight and getting completely hammered, make sure to check out our PSA on the dangers of mixing alcohol and gadgets. You've been warned.

Meet a Nice Woman: If you go around wearing a shredder hoodie everywhere, 2010 probably isn't going to be the year you get lucky in love. ['80s Tees via Gizmodo]

Stop Smoking So Much: Cigarette smoking is one thing, but using the Volcano Vaporizer for the purpose in which it was intended is quite another. Instead of smoke, you inhale vapour, which eliminates many of the toxins but retains all of the flavours and mind-numbing effects. Sounds great, but this little guy simultaneously puts four new year's resolutions in jeopardy: get organised, learn something new, get promoted or find a new job, and establish a budget (it costs $US500). [Volcano Vaporizer via Gizmodo]

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