25 Shots Of A Happy New Year

Maybe it's better that most of us don't remember every part of New Year's Eve (basically, from 5pm onwards). If you're suffering from alcohol-induced amnesia, here are 25 happier Shooting Challenge shots to fill the void.

The placements...

Second Runner Up

Nikon D40x on tripod. AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm stock DX lens; F6.3; 8 seconds; colour corrected in camera raw. Motive: Stockholm cityscape with city hall in centre. -Andreas Hellqvist

First Runner Up

The morning after. The image here is a stereographically projected panorama consisting of 90 separate exposures. As you see it's not complete, I had intended it to be 360° by 180°, however by the time I got to just over the houses, I lost all feeling in one of my fingers and decided to go have a pizza instead. This is also why my bag and parts of the tripod is visible on the ground; I couldn't grip the camera to shoot a straight-down shot. (Temperature at the time was somewhere around -20C) Gear used: Canon EOS 450D camera, Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM lens at f/7.1 (I shot in aperture priority mode, so shutter times vary), Manfrotto 190xprob tripod with a 804RC2 three-way head. (For you who want to get started in shooting so called planet panoramas, this head is not a particularily good choice because it doesn't give you 180° freedom up and down, but you can flip the camera mount plate to put the entire camera "backwards" and so shoot straight up.) The images were converted from raw to 900x600 size jpegs and then stitched in Hugin. Incidentally, if you do the maths you'll find that quite a few of the images are not overlapping by a whole lot which caused the autopano sift-c routine to misalign quite a lot of it. Total time to find control points to fit it all together was around four or five hours. To be fair, this is a failed picture, but it looks rather nice, so perhaps you'll enjoy it too. Next time I wait 'til it's a little warmer :-) -Staffan Thomen


Photo taken on new year's eve. It's apparently underexposed (said my camera) with 1/2000s with my 5DmkII at ISO6400 with my trusted 50 mm lens at f/1.4. This is a handheld shot taken for fun with no clue what might turn out. I kinda like the sparks of iron flying. I increased the contrast and black levels in lightroom 3b to get rid of some of the noise. -Øystein Alsaker

Thanks to everyone for entering. New Shooting Challenges are announced every Wednesday, and we need/appreciate your participation!

Just recently got my first DSLR for Christmas this year, excited to participate in my first shooting challenge. I set up a bottle of Smirnoff vodka on top of a green glass candle holder and set neon plastic shot glasses in front of it. I placed a LED torch behind the bottle on it's side facing the camera. Stats: F/11, 1/25s, ISO 800, [email protected], White Balance: Tungsten. Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS (1000D), 18-55mm IS Lens -Skylar Shafer

The exif data: Camera model: Nikon D40; F-stop: f/5.6; Exposure time: 1 sec.; ISO: 200; Focal-length: 31 mm; Max aperture: 4.2; Metering mode: pattern; Explanations: As seen above, I've used a nikon D40 with the 18-55 mm kit lens. The setup is very simple, as was expected: 2 A4 sheets of paper on the floor and a white wall as background. I used a white LED torch, the pocket size ones, as a light source. The 800*532 pixels version has a text bubble depicting the eagerness associated with lighting fireworks on new year's eve, all scaled down to the perspective of a lego man, in a white protective outfit and red helmet. [Fireworks are dangerous, you know...]Hope you guys like it. Oh! About 2010, t'is a nice round number, so make it special! :) -Andrew Devland

This is struffoli, an Italian tradition around this time of year. I took this shot using my d300 and 50mm 1.4 http://flickr.com/fdotguido -frank guido

My cousin was with her child at our grandparents, and I was lucky enough to take the attached shot. I would like to call it "Old year past, new year future". The kid is called Max (Maximilian) and he has a beautiful smile.There was no special preparation, I was just taking snap-shots and this is one of them. The Focus is a bit off, but I couldn't waste time :) I am using my Canon 1000D camera, and my 50mm 1.4f lens. -Andy Filan

I took this photo in my bedroom, using a flashlight to write. I took it on a Canon 40D with a 24mm f/2.8 EF lens at 30", f/14 -Daniel Michelson

To capture this photo, I used an Olympus FE-210 (a 7.1 MP point-and-shoot camera). I captured this image of New Year's fireworks from my window. I am not really sure how it turned out blurry, but I love it. -Immanuel Smith

-Thomas Campanella

I took this in a completely darkened room over a 21-second exposure, on bulb mode, using a remote trigger. I manually set off an external flash unit, and moved the camera three separate times. This is like double or triple exposing film. The picture was taken with an 18mm focal length, at f/8.0 and an ISO of 100. -John Chapman

Taken on NYE while doing photography for a local dance event. My partner is in the photo. She found this sign on the stage floor and found it had a suggestive use. This is my Happy New Year. Taken with, Sony alpha 300 DSLR, Tamron 18-200mm Lens, Sony Flashgun (45 degree upward bounce with reflector). Exposure: 0.05 sec (1/20); Aperture: f/8.0; Focal Length: 24 mm; ISO Speed: 400; very easy shot. -Paul Hamlet

Hello, geeks! Here's my submission to the Happy New Year Shooting Challenge. Pictures where taken with a Sony DSC-W120 at Copacaba Beach. No special technic used, just trying to escape champagne corks flying all over! Specs: Shutter: 1/4 ; Aperture: f3.2 ; ISO: 400 -Francisco Gomes

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS, f/5.6, 1/15 sec shutter speed, ISO 1600. Liked how the food table looked as the candles were going out and took this shot of one of my friend's recently drained champagne glasses that she balanced in her boyfriend's cup. -Brady Kent

-Jennifer Garamvolgyi

EXIF: Nikon D300s, Nikkor 50mm 1.8, ISO 400, f/2, 1/120. This is a 3-shot HDR. -Shawn Miller

Used a Nikon D60 with a Nikkor 18-55 Lens, 800 ISO, f5, shutter 1/60, both images. The shot is the aftermath of a long night of pong and taking shots of Windex. -Matt Diamond

This shot was taken with a Canon 50D and a 28mm - 135mm lens. It was tricky to get Kizie the star of this shot to play along, but eventually she gave the camera a nice look. Post processing was done in Photoshop where the background was given a handsome Gaussian Blur to pull attention to the subjects and give the photo a bit more depth. The colours and levels were left as shot. -Brad Agdern

Nikon D3000; 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 32mm; 1/60-f/4.8; ISO 100 -Andre Mere

Attached is my photo. It was shot on a Nikon D60 with an 18-55mm lens f 5.3 1/60s ISO 200 -Cody Marshall

<emPanasonic GF1; ISO 100; f1/7; 20mm; 1/60 sec w/ flash -David Forsythe

Happy 2010 Boston! This picture is a composite of six images taken on a Canon t1i camera with a 28mm lens at f/8 and the ISO set at 100. Five images were acquired with a 1.5-minute exposure to make the panoramic view of Boston just before midnight. The sixth image is a seven-second exposure, which captures the midnight fireworks. The images were then stitched in Photoshop CS4. The entire image is 14992x2807=42 Megapixels! -Emerson Speyerer

I submitted yesterday but I like my second take better so if you can only accept one entry please use this one. Shot on a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT at ISO 100, shutter speed 1/2500, f1.4 in shaded sunlight, and a focal length of 50mm. My first attempt was a solo effort and getting the focus let alone the timing was difficult. This time I had my girlfriend's help and I could use burst mode which helped quite a bit. -Jeff Steele

Nikon D40, 18-55m lens, Iso200 10 second shutter, bottle rockets shooting from a bottle. -Jeremy McCollam

Nikon D60; F-stop 5.3; 1/3 sec Exposure times; ISO 400; 1.7+ Exposure Bias; 40 mm Focal length. This picture looks like I changed the white balance, but I actually didn't edit the photo at all. What happened was another person at the party was taking a picture of the same people but with their flash on during the 1/3 time of my photo and it ended up creating the unique look! If you look close enough, at the top you can see a part of our countdown clock! (Sorry if this is late by eastern time, but its 10 on the west coast. :P ) -Matthew Staerk

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