You Will Want The Unitek SATA To USB 3.0 Adaptor One Day

This is so cool: Unitek's new adaptor will connect any spare SATA hard drive to a PC using the 5Gbps USB 3.0 standard. And it only costs $US48. There's only one little itty bitty problem:

Who has a PC or a Mac with USB 3.0? Anyone? Anyone?


Supporting USB3.0 specification The maximum transmission speed of USB3.0 allows for example 10-30 GBytes of video data to be copied to a 3.5 inch hard disk drive in 1/4 to 1/3 the time compared to the existing USB2.0 interface SuperSpeed (5 Gbps) / high-speed (480 Mbps) / full-speed (12 Mbps) Compliant to Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification, Revision 1.0 Compliant to Universal Serial Bus Specification, Revision 2.0 Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Compliant to Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport, Revision 1.0 SATA Gen2i (3 Gbps) & Gen1i (1.5 Gbps) Compliant to Serial ATA Specification Revision 2.6 Supports ATA / ATAPI device Supports 2TB over HDD Supports Window 7 / Vista / Xp, Linux / Mac OS X Dimension: 69 x 40 x 12mm (approx.) Weight: 67g

One day I will get you, Unitek SATA to USB 3.0 adaptor! *shakes fist* Oh, you teaser, you. [Brando]

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