World's Most Popular Dictation Software Comes To App Store

There've been some dictation apps before now, but now Nuance, makers of Dragon, the world's most popular desktop dictation software, is invading the App Store with their own. Plus, it's free (for a limited time)!

Dragon Dictation (link opens iTunes), which is based on the desktop Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, lets you do pretty much everything you'd use the iPhone's keyboard for, but with your voice. That includes using the iPhone's clipboard for cutting and pasting, as well as saying your latest Twitter or Facebook update aloud (warning: Saying "Just ate a sandwich LOL roast beef LOL" aloud may frighten those around you). It's still pending approval at the moment, but should be out either very soon or something tomorrow, at which point it'll be free for a limited time. LOL! [Nuance]


    I'm getting a message saying "not available in Australia". Is that just me?

    Damn...US store only...any one know a way to get this if your AU based?

    Doesn't appear to be available in the AUS App Store yet. Bummer!

    Damn, should have checked first. After posting the previous comment I found their website FAQ. "Q: I am residing outside the US. Will I be able to use the application? A: Currently, our products are only available and supported for US customers.". .... disappointing.

    A repost when this comes to AU store would be sweet.

    Not available in the Aus store :(

    Sigh....only available in the US store...

    Pity its as usual - USA ONLY iTUNES store!

    I assume this will work with the iPod Touch as well?

    Very frustrating that this app isn't available in Australia yet - I own the PC version (10.1) so was keen to get my hands on decent speech recognition program that can handle our accent(Vlingo is only so so) - anyways, hopefully in the next six months or so...

    this is pathetic. why deliberately with-hold an application to other countries? what possible reason???? i bought an ipad for my father who has low vision, and all these apps are not senior friendly, i will be taking the ipad back. what a waste of time and money. shame.

      It's more stupid than you think. Dragon dictation supports Australian accents! What the heck is the point of that if it's not going to be sold here.

    It's really annoying that so many Australian tech websites are publishing glowing reviews of this app while FAILING TO MENTION YOU CAN'T GET IT IN AUSTRALIA. In the meantime I suggest hitting the dragon dictation website and leaving feedback asking them to release the app in Australia. It would be nice if someone could explain what appears to be a bizarre situation...

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